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3/5/08 07:45 pm - Lame as hell

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2/10/08 02:14 pm - A walk

 Today it was so pretty outside I went on a walk and took some pictures :3
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11/21/07 01:50 pm - Photo Meme

 Finally doing that photo meme. I tried to do as many as I could  so Im sorry if you asked me one and it isnt here, I would just have way too many pictures to take lol

Pictures!!Collapse )

And I also wanted to show off the things I got from blackmago

Delights from Blackmago!!Collapse )

10/14/07 02:48 pm - Apple picking pictures!

Andy, my sister and her boyfriend Daniel went to Oak Glen to pick apples awhile ago, forgot about the pictures 

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8/29/07 08:24 pm - Pictures from San Francisco

The beginningsCollapse )

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Boating! We went to Golden Gate park and rowed a boat on Stowe lake

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Japanese Garden
Japanese Tea GardenCollapse )
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 Yup/...thats it ^__^

8/6/07 10:02 am - Friends Only

Friends Only, Please comment to be added! ^______^
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