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8/15/08 05:10 pm - Failfish

Vectoring goldfish all weekend for timeline project = an un-fun.
You wouldnt think these little bastards would be so time consuming. THINK AGAIN.

8/8/08 08:37 am - Holy HELL

Got an email from my Graphic Design ll professor for next semester.

"As described in the course outline, our first project will be a branding program for either an electronics company OR an xtreme sports equipment company OR a tourism bureau OR an airlines."

XTREME SPORTS?????????????

Is it just me or does this shit sound BORING. AS.FUCK TO ANYONE FEMALE? Omfg. Its like this class is for guys only lol. Its like....theres at least ONE thing in there that guys can get really excited about, the sports, shouldnt there be just ONE thing for girls? UGH     T_____T

7/27/08 07:56 pm - -.-

 I dont understand how people get boyfriend so easily. Lately it just seems like the most impossible fucking thing.

7/24/08 07:46 pm - Reasons why Myspace is a SHAM.

Phailz aheadCollapse )

6/1/08 12:56 pm - ;____;

 I want a boyfriend from ENGLAND.

5/3/08 09:43 am - Ok seriously...what the fuck


Andy showed me this clip from an 80s claymation cartoon for CHILDREN yesterday, from the Adventures of Mark Twain. 

Hilarious, sad, and SCARY.

Oh and PS.. .Iron Man RULES.

4/21/08 12:53 pm - Fun

 This is my new favorite website of all time

And Im determined to find these at WholeFoods today
Freaking AWESOME website.

4/5/08 06:08 pm - Roflcat

 My kitty has developed a strange and cute new habit....

AW kitty!Collapse )

3/14/08 03:48 pm - HELLISH.

3/8/08 07:48 am - Lalala

 Finally finished the 24 freaking charms Ive been working on for GOD knows how long. Now I can get on to new things.

Here are some awesome artists I found

http://www.vincentdi.com/Vince_Home.html  AHHHHH!!!!! XD THE COLORS!


I want to go to Little Tokyo today
Or Giant Robot
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